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The nature park is ...

- 48,000 hectares of exceptional and varied landscapes which are spread over the communes of Couvin, Philippeville and the eight charming villages of the commune of Viroinval (Nismes and the hamlet of Regniessart), Oignies-en-Thiérache, Mazée Le Mesnil, Vierves, Treignes, Olloy-sur-Viroin, Dourbes.

- 3 geological regions: the schistous Fagnes and its humid depressions, the Calestienne and its remarkable sites (its calcareous lawns, Fondry des chiens, caves, rocky peaks) and finall the foothills of the Ardennes and its deep forests.

- 3 valleys: Eau Noire and Eau Blanche meet to create the Viroin valley.

- The Viroin-Hermeton Nature Park is an island of preserved nature, a jewel case of greenery, an heritage treasure to be safeguarded...


Museums :
Museum of the Small Format, Arthur Masson museum, the school of the past, Eco-museum, museum of the

Malgré-tout, railway museum.

Activities :
The viroinvaloise walks, geocaching, boat trip in the gardens of O, the little tourist train of Nismes, kayak, train trip from Mariembourg to Treignes, Le Légendaire, Timer game, "Etats d'ânes (activities whit donkeys), fishing, themed guided walks, bike hire.


The Artisans:
The little wicker basket, Melody of glasware, Escavir (escavêche de la Madeleine), sheepfold de la Scaye, butcher Janvier, bakery des-lys.

Heritage :
The Gallo-Roman villa, the European geographical centre of the 15, the Fondry des chiens, ....

Regional cultural center Action-Sud, Ciné Chaplin,

Tourism office : Rue Vieille-Église 5, 5670 Nismes — phone : 060 31 16 35




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